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DJI Matrice 200. Long range aerial inspection drone.

July marks the beginning of Aqua Drill Internationals Remote Video Inspection  Division "taking off". With the purchase of several new  UAV's,  the company continues to move forward in multiple industries with cutting edge technology. The new Matrice 200 outfitted with a 30X zoom-able HD camera is specially designed to be used within the  harsh industrial sector. This rugged system is dressed out with multiple on-board monitoring features allowing for a more safe & effective inspection process to be carried out while reducing down time and cost.

Elios by Flyability. Intenal inspection drone used for tanks, ractors, vessels and other confined spaces

Internal inspection with no need for confined space entry.

Deploying the Elios in confined space inspection scenarios makes safety the number one priority while eliminating the human aspect of entry. Aqua Drill continues to evolve and advance their inspection division with the most up-to-date technology available on the market today. 

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